A word often overused and overheard but Hardscape just love to make things simple and easy to understand. Complex words, phrases and eco-jargon tend to hide the simple facts, important actions and reasoning around this key issue.

Hardscape continually endeavours to seek ways to optimise its systems and practices and specifically, the decarbonisation of materials it offers, whilst giving the designer/specifier optimum aesthetic options of choice, which has become part of Hardscape’s DNA throughout its history.

This position is in full reference to the 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change agreement stating the targets that which the world has set itself to achieve.

Hardscape’s contribution can be categorised into two main areas:

  1. Mitigation

Reducing Carbon Emissions – These can be measured in several ways such as cost of emission for a specific product or kgCO2/m2. In construction materials the relevant Standard is BS EN 15804:2012+A1:2013. Stating the unit measure enables comparison and bench-marking against other product offers within the marketplace.

  1. Adaptation

Development of systems and practices that deal with the effects of climate change, for example, permeable paving solutions and robust internal recycling and sustainability procedures.