Our Vision – Building Amazing Places.
Our Values – Innovation, Knowledge, Quality, People and Communication.

Hardscape has always measured its impact on the people and places we connect with through the projects we have touched.

From the beginning every member of Hardscape has been consistent in their mission to always be an inspiration to designers, architects and those that work in the physical space to enhance the world we live in.

As we have always sought to work in collaboration with organisations and individuals who share our goal, our purpose has always been, the endless pursuit to find, develop and deliver materials that inspire.

Founded in November of 1994 and based in the North West of England, Hardscape is proudly independent, ensuring our recommendations and technical solutions are completely impartial.

You can view some key moments throughout our last 30 years here

With a team of over 65 staff our technical knowledge and passion for pushing boundaries of hard landscaping combines with an extensive range of materials sourced throughout the globe. This is evident throughout the UK from transport interchanges, leisure facilities and educational institutions to mixed-use urban spaces. In fact, you’ve probably come across a number of our projects without realising. 

You can see other examples of our work in collaboration with architects and designers here.

Three schemes that encapsulate our team’s philosophy and our vision:

When these materials are put together they create unique environments that express and reflect the personality of the communities they belong.

We are an organisation that lives and thrives in a world of continuous evolution, recognised by the UK and Irish Governments as an example for embracing the challenges and responsibilities for ethical and fair trade and human rights. Our Corporate Social Responsibility extends throughout every department of Hardscape and is based upon ethical business practice and reflected in each of our policies.

Hardscape have become a champion of environmental issues addressing the carbon impact urban environments can have. We are now sourcing and developing products that significantly reduce carbon emissions.

We have always “inspired, selected and supplied” the very best of materials and our team have built a reputation for being a key partner in creating award winning urban landscapes.

With use of laser technology and traditional craft skills we are now blurring the lines between external spaces and internal environments. We are inspiring and giving the opportunity for designers and architects to think beyond traditionally segmented spaces and develop truly integrated solutions.

Combined with the requirements for environmentally responsible and unique environments Hardscape have the reputation to deliver not just urban landscapes but truly Inspirational Spaces.

Our Vision – Building amazing places.
Our Values – Innovation, Knowledge, Quality, People and Communication.