With space always at a premium, architects increasingly utilise flat roof spaces, drawing upon their open plan potential to form enhanced urban designs.

Roof spaces bring unique challenges, notably levelling, water drainage and roof-mounted utility and structural components. With these in mind, Hardscape have utilised Zoontjens components to introduce the Form Pedestal Paving System to the UK.

Form is available in 3 key configurations of Grip, Fix and Lock, which combine with the Edge configuration to adapt to a huge range of materials and layouts.

Levelling is achieved via the adjustable pedestal system, which consists of two sizes of adjustable base combined with two sizes of heightening ring, allowing the pedestals to span a large range of sizes, vital for installing roof paving over large areas.

By adding the laying plate most suitable to your chosen paving material, the system is complete. Simply twist the adjustable base during install to maintain the surface level.

GRIP allows you to utilise the full range of Hardscape materials, by seating the paving on a rubber surface, while the dividing strips maintain drainage gaps. 

FIX has removable corner pieces, which can be glued to ceramic or porcelain slabs. These pieces then fix back into the plate during laying, with a twist of a flathead screwdriver fixing the pieces to the main plate, preventing uplift, while remaining easy to remove for future maintenance.  

EDGE allows you to fit your paving layout to any layout, keeping your everything in place. 

LOCK utilises an exclusive paving design, where the shaped base of each slab slots into the laying plate, keeping the slabs tightly pressed together, with the resulting friction resisting wind uplift, while the channels in the slab edges allow for water drainage. 

Form Pedestal Paving Systems

Click the video below to see the how the Lock Plate and Slabs can be used to quickly create a functional roof space.

Lock slabs are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses,

As well as 16 colours, for a flexible paving solution.

The 300×300 mm slab is perfect for small rooftop terraces and walkways. Thanks to the choice of 45mm and 60 mm thicknesses, the 500×500 and 600x400mm slabs are suitable for spanning larger areas.

Form Lock Slabs are available in a range of standard colours.

From grey tones to atmospheric nature inspired hues.

Stress free design

All Form Pedestal Paving Systems allow for removal and reinstallation of paving slabs with the adjustable height ensuring a consistent level. With an underlying layer protecting the roof surface against weather, the pedestal void allows for effective water drainage, completing the ultimate all-round longterm roof paving solution.

Our design team are on-hand to scope out your roof structure needs, and provide detailed drawings and component layouts. Contact enq@hardscape.co.uk to start your journey in forming the perfect flat roof for your space.