There are no restrictions on design detail, or material type as our fabrication system includes state-of-the-art cutting equipment which will cope with anything from pavers and bricks to stone, concrete, glass and plastics. Cut elements are fabricated to the original size with epoxy resin to provide strength of units and systemised laying.

Landscape Architects, Urban Designers and hard landscape material specifiers – why not present Hardscape with an idea, a simple sketch, or a finished technical drawing and we will work with you to create an initial sample that will ultimately enable you to fulfil your landscape design ambition.

Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is a specialist high pressure erosion process that inlays natural stone materials, typically granite and sandstone, with contrasting natural stone materials and/or metals to create lettering or bespoke shapes. This part of the Artscape process directly services demand in the cutting requirements for small- and large-scale commercial projects, design and private domestic projects as well as sculptural and public art commissions. 

Waterjet profiling is a cold cutting/erosion process which emits no hazardous substances. With a very tight tolerance control, no heat affected zone (HAZ) common in flame, plasma or laser profiling and a jet width of approximately 1.2mm diameter, Hardscape can cut extremely intricate designs up to approximately 150mm thick to realise your ideas and individual design requirements. 

We will program your project or design into our latest CAD software before any actual cutting is commenced, ensuring that we meet your specifications and achieve the highest level of accuracy. We can also work from your own supplied CAD files, a hand drawn sketch or even a photograph and instruct our machines to produce an initial demonstration sample for approval. 

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, Waterjet-cutting produces, clean, precise edges which require little or no finishing.  It uses all natural products for cutting; simply water and sand under a highpressure velocity to create a needlesharp stream of abrasive water for precision cutting. 


Development of a unique process for the customised etching and engraving of text, logos and graphics on to most glass, stainless steel, porcelain and natural stone surfaces. Hardscape can produce the highest quality finish and definition whilst continually perfecting the process to create stunning pieces of design and bespoke artwork. 

Sandblasting is one of the most desirable etching processes available because it can help achieve artistic solutions with multiple unique effects onto natural stone, glass or stainlesssteel surfaces. By mixing air under pressure with a hard, particulate abrasive or media, material can be slowly abraded or worn away by directing the abrasive stream onto the surface of the material. 

Hardscape can sandblast letters as small as 15mm high on a typically flamed natural stone material which can look very impressive! In glasswork, sandblasting can be used to etch a pattern into the glass surface, creating a frosted effect. Also, a three-dimensional design can be carved into the glass volume by using a “stage-carving” technique where some parts of an image or pattern are carved deep into the glass while others are carved shallow or only surface etched. 

Sandblasting can also be used to selectively etch the surface of the glass to remove iridescent coating, enamel or micas. 

Sculpting and Masonry

Hardscape can offer high levels of skill in this traditional craftsmanship area to create bespoke, intricate and ornate features and practical elements such as lintels, bollards, curved copings, façades and on-site remedial work. 

Stone carving and bankering has come a long way since the tools of pre-historic times and now that we are in a high-tech era Hardscape can embrace the skills, tools and machinery for buildings, structures, and sculpture. 

Stone carving requires unique skills, knowledge and often temperament, as it is quite a time-consuming process. 

Nevertheless, the outstanding abilities of our site staff and craftsmen gives them the edge in the diversified environments of on-site remedial work, monuments and fast track commercial projects. 

Laser Engraving

Hardscape utilise several different laser engraving machines that are capable of etching photographs with pinpoint accuracy through to complex, deep engraving designs onto the surface of almost any material using high powered industrial lasers. The software Hardscape utilises can be programmed to receive artwork in almost any format in order to translate the design or pattern onto the surface to be engraved.

Hardscape are continually evolving their laser techniques through on-going research and development to bring to the marketplace new and exciting materials with finishes and textures that are innovative and leading edge.

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