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The modular set-up of Virage green pavers makes it possible to create different patterns. The balance between concrete and grass or pebbles creates a symmetry of lines that gives every surface a unique character and design. The harmonious shape of the pavers ensures that the patterns have a natural appearance and aesthetic.

Available in standard concrete texture in grey or black, as well as in the Saxum finish and colours. Saxum is a  70% lightly washed natural stone coating.

Place of manufacture: Zolder, Belgium

Growable surface: 46.00%

Traffic application: Limited heavy traffic

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  • Saxum Zalm Rood Bruin

  • Standard Grijs

  • Standard Zwart

  • Saxum Arduin

  • Saxum Basalt Zwart

  • Saxum Bologna

  • Saxum Bruin Multi

  • Saxum Bruin

  • Saxum Dark Bruin

  • Saxum Dark Grijs

  • Saxum Geel Oranje

  • Saxum Geel

  • Saxum Graniet Grijs

  • Saxum Grijs Multi

  • Saxum Groen

  • Saxum Ivoor

  • Saxum Kastanje

  • Saxum Kwartsiet Wit

  • Saxum Light Geel

  • Saxum Medium Grijs

  • Saxum Oranje

  • Saxum Paars

  • Saxum Porfier Rood

  • Saxum Robijn Rood

  • Saxum Rood Multi

  • Saxum Rood

Application examples


  • Paving

Available Finishes

  • Saxum
  • Standard