Kellen CERO paving from Hardscape utilises geopolymer technology to deliver CO₂ from just 7.3kg* per m2.

By replacing much of the cement with an alternative binding agent, Carbon content in our CERO options is reduced by 50% compared to standard Kellen, already a leading environmentally friendly natural stone-topped concrete.

The Kellen range is a popular choice among landscape designers and can be seen in some exemplary public spaces throughout the UK such as Maiden Lane in Camden, and Wirral Waters in Birkenhead. With CERO, Kellen retains its aesthetic beauty while reducing its Carbon footprint and prioritising sustainability.

There’s a huge range of colours, finishes, sizes and thicknesses available across the Kellen range, with over 100 available in the CERO geopolymers that deliver extraordinarily low CO₂ ratings from 9.4kg CO₂/m2 on 80mm thick slabs.

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Globally, cement accounts for approximately 8% of all CO₂ emissions, and with the landscape and urban development markets under more pressure than ever before to achieve Net ZERO on new projects, there’s never been a better time to go CERO.

Anthony Collins – Sales Director, Hardscape

Concrete paving with Low Carbon from 7.3kg* CO2 /m2, feel the difference

Compare CERO with our standard Kellen below – can you tell which one is leading the way in Low Carbon Paving?

With CERO you have all the environmental benefits of replacing the core cement binding, but with no visible difference to the concrete block. Add in the huge range of surface aggregates and colours available, and it’s time to go CERO!

We’re CERiOus about ZERO CARBON

The Kellen range has the most complete palette of sizes, colours, and finishes available to designers in the UK of an architectural aggregate-faced concrete paving, with 60 plan sizes, 4 thicknesses, and over 100 colours across the range of surface finishes.

With a UK average of 30-34kg CO2 /m2 for 80mm thick concrete paving, the need to switch to our Lavaro CERO, with a range of 9.4-13kg, is clear.

This leading Carbon figure, based on 80mm thick Lavaro products, is achieved by replacing the cement traditionally used in the paving base.

By using Geopolymer Technology which replaces cement as the binding agent in production, CERO can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70% over normal cement products. CERO is also BS EN 1338 and 1339 compliant.

Sharing the aesthetic beauty of the Kellen range of top surfaces, you can be assured that choosing to responsible in achieving climate change targets requires absolutely no sacrifices in your design.

There’s never been a better time to go CERO.

  • Kellen Cero

    Kellen Cero uses geopolymer technology to produce a concrete paver reducing CO2 emissions by up to 70% over traditional cement products.

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What makes the Kellen paving range the perfect choice for your project?

Kellen is a market-leading range of natural stone-topped concrete paving.

Available in a selection of surfaces, including Breccia with 100% natural stone aggregate and Lavaro with 70% natural stone, there’s a solution for every design or budget.

Breccia : 100% natural stone coating
Top layer of 4 grain sizes of aggregate, extremely durable, with a natural, water-etched appearance, Breccia is particularly suited to prestigious projects. Carbon from 19.2kg CO2 per m2 or from 9.8kg in CERO.

Lavaro : 70% natural stone coating
Single grain size top layer of aggregate, with 30% enhanced with UV pigment, Lavaro is the ideal choice for public spaces where durability and appearance are a priority. Carbon from 19kg CO2 per m2 or from 7.3kg in CERO.

Other surface finishes available include Keranova, Liscio, Lucida – click here to see the entire range.

Carbon figures shown are for Cradle to Gate A1-A3.

*based on Kellen Lavaro CERO 62mm thickness.