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Drainjoint is an innovative permeable design solution that allows freedom for the designer within the specification process of a project and can be used with any paving material, natural stone and man-made, and is really easy to install by contractors and engineers. Removing the need for pavers to carry nibs or extensions and avoiding the requirement for large, unsightly aggregate joints, the system preserves the beauty and aesthetics of the chosen paving products for the scheme.

Drainjoint can accommodate any paving size (not just those designed for a 6mm aggregate joint). The product is designed to be sustainable, cost-effective and a perfect action aid in the mitigation process for the environment.

No aggregate joints mean no continuous maintenance or rattling of blocks. No rattling reduces the potential for surface failure and eradicates the need for expensive rejointing. Paving can be cleaned with a standard mechanical sweeper and, as Drainjoint is non-degradable and does not absorb water, there is no potential for freeze-thaw damage.

Circular holes are made within the material specifically for trafficked areas. Where the area is pedestrian only, then the Drainjoint material can be used without holes. Available in standard 4mm thickness or 8mm for areas that require extra permeability. A choice of brown or black material, to suit the aesthetics of the paving choiceand surrounding environment, can be specified.

Place of manufacture: Moersebaan The Netherlands

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