Grass paving solutions in a range of formats, sizes and colours to ensure the perfect design solution

  • Hydro Lineo & XL

    Concrete paving that includes 3 different modular designs that can be used individually or laid aesthetically together to create linear-designed patterns of grass paving available in Standard, Saxum and Ultimo finishes, in various colours.

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  • Greenbrick

    Brick-shaped hollow plastic block that allows grass to grow through specially reinforced open-membrane ribs within the block ensuring strength and stability alongside traditional paving products.

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  • Greenstones

    Specially manufactured concrete blocks that allows grass to grow in the recesses between each block which can be laid with a water-permeable grouting material.

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  • Square

    The Square concrete grass paver has a striking appearance that has three configurations using one single paver: stretcher bond paving, alternate stretcher bond paving and a random laying pattern where each creates a unique look for the desired space.

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  • Virage

    Virage green pavers make it possible to create six different patterns from a single modular shape that allows grass or stone aggregate to be placed in-between to create a unique and innovative design.

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  • Mirum

    Mirum is a concrete paver that allows grass to grow between its unique 600mm x 400mm rounded-ends style allowing for an aesthetically linear-designed pattern.

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The cities of the future will need to take account of increasing risks of flooding resulting from global climate change. An increase in paving in urban areas is leading to the existence of so-called urban heat islands; places where sunlight is absorbed more rapidly as well as being preserved longer.

Whenever the lay-out of an urban environment is rearranged, climate adaptation necessitates several simultaneous solutions. It is a huge challenge to realise a spatial layout that is comfortable for its users in all prevailing circumstances, both in normal situations and under extreme weather conditions. Adequate solutions are then called for, e.g., greenery which has a cooling effect and urban spaces including water storage to cope with extreme precipitation.

Local authorities are increasingly having to face the challenge of climate-proofing both for existing and new projects. This means adjusting urban redevelopment to climate change so that residents can live and enjoy recreation safely and comfortably. One of those solutions is to have more greenery within actual paved walkways. Greenery in general, enhances public spaces and makes it more attractive to individuals, retains less heat and has a cooling effect because of water evaporation. In addition, grass pavements ensure, by virtue of its open character, that rainwater can be absorbed into the soil.

Grass paving fits in perfectly with any street scene and they provide extra benefits when it comes to spatial effects, drainage and even traffic signalling. They have grown in popularity from the desire to enable grass growth by using pavers with large recesses. Grass pavers have extra-large recesses all round to establish a green street scene without the need to install separate spacers. Filling the openings with tree sand helps to create attractive green scenery which ensures that some of the water evaporates while some of it is absorbed. Whenever a much higher degree of permeability is the decisive factor, stone chippings can be used as a jointing material.

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