Kellen MiddlesbroughWorking with Grant Associates and Ares Landscape Architects, Hardscape helped to implement a key element of a £25.5 million council-led redevelopment in Middlesbrough – branded one of the largest and most exciting regeneration schemes in the UK, covering an area of 140 acres.

The scheme – entitled ‘Middlehaven’ – has created a unique environment through the combination of listed buildings set amongst new contemporary facilities. As part of the wider scheme, Middlesbrough College underwent an impressive modernisation lift, including full re-paving and new hard landscaping features surrounding one of the new STEM buildings (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

A striking design with a modern feel was implemented using Kellen Breccia and a Tagenta colour pallet of grey and black to compliment the college’s branding. Crystalpave – small blocks with a recycled glass top layer bonded to a concrete base – were chosen for the material in flame red, with a slip resistant surface created using a brushed finish – ideal for outside pedestrian areas with volumes of high traffic.

Elementale Grijs benchesElements of the design honour the heritage of Middlesbrough’s historical dockside. Benches crafted from Kellen Elementale – a stylish and durable type of concrete – were inscribed with the names of bridges created using steel that was once shipped from the dock. The letters were etched onto the benches, using black stainless steel for a bold look.

Circular spheres, made from highly durable granite, also populate the college campus, representing each of the eight planets – scaled to size – to reflect the educational environment.

The scheme and latest phase of the development is a testament to the durability and longevity of the original phase and supply of Kellen paving as its first use of the innovative material seen in the UK back in 2009.