With the wonderful summer weather we’ve been having recently it’s no surprise that children just love to play outside the house, on the street, in parks and when in school, the playground. Pavements are often included as part of ‘playtime’.

As a leading current supplier to schools and local authorities of Kellen paving, Hardscape introduce a new Educational Playtime range of bespoke concrete elements.

U Blocks: This practical concrete element can act as a barrier, seating wall or a balancing walkway!

Strudles: Playing with apples! Children can sit and play with these artistic and innovative seating elements and be thrilled to the core! The larger Strudles are fun to climb on with the smaller versions used as seating objects within outdoor play areas. Available in different colours and come with official play equipment certifications.

Moons: CrephpXo1VOI3897ative ornamental spheres of concrete that can be used for different purposes within typical school playgrounds. Available in different diameters and playful and striking colours the concrete Moons are often multifunctional, budget-friendly, maintenance-free and are available in many sizes and colours.

Contact Hardscape to discuss further and take a look at our new Educational Playtime online brochure.