The Hardscape Group make structural management changes to strengthen their ambitious vision strategy

With the successful transition to an Employee-Owned Business, as part our continued growth strategy, The Hardscape Group (incorporating Hardscape Products and IP Surfaces) are pleased to announce that Mathew Haslam, having served as Managing Director for 28 years, has stepped into the role of Founding Director.

Mathew will continue to engage with the business strategy that positioned Hardscape as a market leading supplier of hard landscaping materials and created the state-of-the-art production facility within IP Surfaces.

In his stead, Alex Warren has been appointed as the new Managing Director of the Hardscape Group. Having served as Operations Director for 20 years, his involvement throughout the business and broad skill set, makes him the perfect choice to lead the Group into a new era, while continuing to embody the energy and passion Mathew instilled in every aspect of the business for decades.

In line with the groups ambitious strategy, Alex will continue to drive the companies forward through continuous improvement, further developing our world-wide supply chain and offering a diverse and industry leading product suite. Developments will reflect Alex’s devotion to Environmental and Social Governance objectives, our Carbon reduction strategy, and embracing digitalization into each of our core functions.

Whilst Alex will serve as a great leader, he is backed by an amazing team, who deliver quality across all sectors of the business.

Transitioning to an Employee-Owned Business means that every employee is now directly involved in contributing to its continued success, which has brought with it an increased sense of purpose and shared energy to a single vision.

We are very much looking forward to the next few years at Hardscape as we take this business to the next level!