I would say my ethos in life is ‘you get out of life what you put in’ and to do that I have always surrounded myself with others that have similar interests and, by collaboration, maximise the delivery of those desires, interests and objectives.

I am a Geology graduate from the 1980’s with subsequent business training and have always led an ‘earthy’ path alongside a passionate understanding of the earth’s natural resources leading me to form Hardscape Products Ltd in 1994. My desire since has always been to encourage the use of these raw geological resources, whether in an organic state, or shaped by multiple production techniques to realise aesthetic demands and functions. Engineering of these materials is also an inherent passion of mine to maximise the manipulation of the earth’s natural resource in this field to fulfil a leading-edge design need to designers and landscape architects. Fairness is inherent to my personality and so ethics and the embracement of all that is sustainable is encouraged, maximised and actioned.

Travelling throughout many continents of the world have not only allowed me to see many types of stone and paving materials but the journeys have also provided a plethora of experiences that I have been able to bring back to the UK’s landscape design arena. I firmly believe that you ‘can’t do this on your own’ and so throughout my career I have developed a team to help me realise this passion, taking me sometimes beyond my own understanding, to protect and enhance the paving industry’s current and future demands. Leading from the front and with my close team, we have put maximum energy into educating and informing others externally, whether a student at an early stage of understanding paving specification or professionals wanting to continually know more about hard landscaping material choice.

To do all this of course requires, in my opinion, a big sense of humour! I always look for fun in everything I do and the team around me carries a similar view to work and life.

I am a passionate advocate of creative design especially within the landscape design sector. All of this is underpinned by having good family values and thankfully the support of my own family which I am so fortunate to have by my side.