Limestone%20Cave%20FormationsHardscape’s source and supply of this practical and versatile material allows for great uniformity in shade and tone together with its own uniqueness giving it an earthy appeal.

Technically it is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the mineral calcite, the remainder being made up by silica, flint, sand and clay. It is quarried from places, which millions of years ago, would have formed the floor of a shallow area of the sea.

Dietfurt Limestone beige_sandblastedLimestone is formed close to the earth’s surface and therefore captures fossilised plant and animal life. Like granite, quality limestone is used in a wide range of interior and exterior building applications such as paving, interior flooring and cladding, offering a harmonious, seamless appearance to any prestigious commercial or domestic scheme.

Limestone has been used as a key construction material in building throughout the ages. In fact, many landmarks around the world, including the Egyptian pyramids, are made of limestone. The reflective quality of natural limestone creates an alluring lustre which changes with each season. Subtle colour variations are an inherent property of limestone which ensures every build is unique.

more 1Hardscape can offer limestone products sourced from Israel; Ramon Grey and Jerusalem Gold, Germany; Dietfurt Blue and Buff and from Southern Ireland with the latter being a particular unique Kilkenny Blue limestone promoted internationally under the Erinstone® brand with many applications, finishes and available in three types; Commercial, Fossil and Non-Fossil. Each type offers a variety of colours and textured finishes for projects from the centre-pieces of contemporary home design to the principal theme of architectural schemes throughout the UK and Ireland.