Lavaro Permeable Grijs/Geel/Glisando 055

Formerly called: Grijs 549
Manufactured product

With 70% natural aggregate surface in slightly coarser grain size. The top layer is a real water washed surface thereby retaining the aggregate form and not crushing the surface and thereby provides a market unique stone realistic surface.

Key Features

  • Carbon Footprint from 19.0kg CO2 per m2 *

Bespoke colours are available. Please contact our design team to discuss.

Carbon Footprint (kg CO2per m2)*

Thickness (mm) 62 70 80 100 120 148
Standard 19 21.5 24.6 30.7 36.8 45.4
Cero 7.3 8.2 9.4 11.8 14.1 17.4

*Cradle to Gate A1-A3

This is also available in CERO, which uses Geopolymer Technology which replaces cement as the binding agent in production, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 70% over normal cement products.

Place of manufacture: Tiel, The Netherlands

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This product is available in setts, slabs and flags.
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