The increasing urbanisation of the countryside and changes in rainfall patterns has led to much higher volumes of surface water entering sewerage systems and water courses. This, in turn, has resulted in higher instances of flooding in city centres, greater expenditure on new sewerage systems and insurance companies increasing premiums on properties built in vulnerable areas. One of the many solutions currently being promoted to help alleviate these problems is permeable paving. Traditionally specified and implemented via nibbed paving products that require a base and sub-base that allows the movement of storm water to drain through the nibs on the edge of the blocks whilst also effectively trapping suspended solids that filter pollutants from the water.

Hardscape offer a unique permeable paving system called Drainjoint which can be used across all types of natural and man-made hard landscape paving materials together with specific conventional pavers in both concrete and clay. Drainjoint allows for any material, be it natural stone, clay, concrete or even their popular Kellen range, to be laid as a permeable paving system which totally removes the need for pavers to carry nibs or extensions and the requirement for large aggregate joints that also filters pollutants from the drainage water. It also removes the need for paving to be laid to fall and additional surface drainage.

A truly ground-breaking product with many years of use in the UK & Ireland and widely accepted as the future of SuDS. Developed in the Netherlands, the product was designed to be easy to use, have little or no maintenance requirements and be a cost-effective solution whilst preserving the beauty of the paving material. Many ambitious projects supplied and specified for install in 2023 and beyond.

With a DEFRA compliant design surface, the product is available as made to measure in standard 4mm thickness or 8mm for areas that require extra permeability. A choice of brown or black material to suit the aesthetics of the paving choice and surrounding environment can be specified. It can be applied manually or by means of machine packages in accordance with work instructions from Hardscape.

Further information

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