Over the last 25 years landscape design has incorporated the best aesthetic solution for countless spaces between buildings. How? By selecting Kellen.

The Kellen range has the most complete palette of sizes, colours, and finishes available to designers in the UK of an architectural aggregate-faced concrete paving (when compared with other market offers). To be clear, it has 60 plan sizes; 4 thicknesses; 291 colours and 5 textures. It has a kg CO2 /m2 rating of 29 as part of its ingenuity (when the UK average is 30-34 based on an 80mm thick product).

That same range is also now available as CERO which brings with it a kg CO2/m2 of 16. Now that is taking Carbon emissions seriously! This is achieved by not using cement in the base in its production.

  • By using Geopolymer Technology which replaces cement as the binding agent in production.
  • CERO can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70% over normal cement products.
  • The product is BS EN 1338 and 1339 compliant.

The same ingenious aesthetic beauty of the Kellen top surface REMAINS UNCHANGED – so a typical Kellen Breccia colour used in a previous project, when now selected as CERO, will still look the same but pays attention to the responsibility we all have in achieving climate change targets.

The use of geopolymer is another huge leap for sustainability as well as a defining marker within our corporate social responsibility strategy.
We really have ambitions to work towards zero carbon!

For further information please contact Hardscape on 01204 565 500 or email: enq@hardscape.co.uk