Respond to the challenges of climate effects on design, by controlling water flow with permeable paving

  • Drainjoint

    An easy to install permeable material product that removes the need for pavers to carry nibs or extensions and allows for any material to be laid as a permeable paving system.

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  • Kellen H2O

    H2O paving is an innovative permeable block paver that provides an attractive, durable surface available in either Kellen Breccia or Lavaro finishes and corresponding colours.

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  • Ecogranite Aquaflow

    A premium range of permeable block paving which has a textured surface, with a slot and chamfer offering excellent skid and slip resistance available in Aquaflow, Aquasett and Aquaslab variants.

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  • Clima-Pave

    A specially engineered permeable paving block which has enlarged joints on all sides which allows water to rapidly drain from the surface.

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The increasing urbanisation of the countryside and changes in rainfall patterns has led to much higher volumes of surface water entering sewerage systems and water courses.

This, in turn, has resulted in higher instances of flooding in city centres, greater expenditure on new sewerage systems and insurance companies increasing premiums on properties built in vulnerable areas. One of the many solutions currently being promoted to help alleviate these problems is permeable paving.

Permeable paving is a range of sustainable materials and techniques for permeable pavements with a base and Sub-base that allows the movement of storm water through the surface. In addition to reducing runoff, this effectively traps suspended solids whilst filtering pollutants from the water.

Local authorities are increasingly having to face the challenge of climate-proofing both for existing and new projects. This means adjusting urban redevelopment to climate change so that residents can live and enjoy recreation safely and comfortably. One of those solutions is to have more greenery within actual paved walkways. Greenery in general, enhances public spaces and makes it more attractive to individuals, retains less heat and has a cooling effect because of water evaporation. In addition, grass pavements ensure, by virtue of its open character, that rainwater can be absorbed into the soil.

Hardscape can offer a unique system of Drainjoint which can be used across all types of natural and man-made hard landscape paving materials together with specific conventional pavers in both concrete and clay. Drainjoint allows for any material, be it natural stone, clay, concrete or our even our popular Kellen range, to be laid as a permeable paving system and removes the need for pavers to carry nibs or extension and the requirement for large aggregate joints. Developed in the Netherlands, Drainjoint was designed to be easy to use, have little or no maintenance requirements and be a cost-effective SuDS solution, whilst preserving the beauty of the paving material.

Watch the Drainjoint video here.

Also on offer are Kellen H2O, Ecogranite and ClimaPave concrete paving products.

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