Client: Your Tribute Ltd
Contractor: King Construction

Hardscape is constantly improving and developing its offering for stonework at sports stadia. Teaming up with Your Tribute Ltd, hundreds of etched plaques and dedications have been created and sent to the European football fortress – Anfield. 

Some would argue that now is the best time in decades to be a Liverpool fan. Jurgen Klopp’s men endured a stellar campaign in the Premier League, one where the team finished with a staggering 97 points and yet, somehow, still managed to finish in second place, one solitary point behind Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. Following heartbreak in the Champions League in 2018 against Real Madrid, Klopp’s men redeemed themselves with a 2-0 win against Premier League rivals Tottenham Hotspur to lift the trophy in Madrid – something the club, manager, fans and players felt it was the least they deserved. 

Hard work pays off

Prior to the win in Madrid, as a manager, Klopp had lost his last six major finals in a row. Not the kind of stat you would like to hold going into yet another final, however, it just goes to show that his grit, hard work, determination and persistence as a coach eventually pays off. It is a work ethic that can be translated into almost any walk of life because if you fail, keep on going and trying – stay true to your cause – and eventually you will reap the rewards. 

That same kind of determination applies throughout Hardscape and this was evident when working with Your Tribute Ltd – a design company that works with sporting venues and clubs to help them increase supporter affinity and generate incremental revenues through design-led personalisation projects. 

Hardscape supplied hundreds of personalised tributes purchased by Liverpool fans as part of their Anfield Forever celebrations. Cast in granite, each of the stones were meticulously hand-engraved with personalised messages and a unique issue number, before being carefully packaged up, ready for their permanent ‘away day’ at Anfield. Each stone needed the attention to detail, care, and determination to perfect, in the same attitude and manner as Jurgen Klopp himself. The stones are situated in the landscaped plaza area along 96 Avenue at Anfield stadium. Each stone tells a different story and therefore together they create a space for fans to share lasting memories and explore what the club means to others. In addition, alongside fans’ memories and dedications, player and managerial history shares the walkway giving fans an insight into the club’s history. 

On the bench

As well as supplying personalised granite slabs to Anfield, Hardscape also used specialist stone masonry techniques on polished Kobra granite benches and delivered them to site. Using advanced methods, which have been developed since the earlier Cardiff project, specialist machinery (for instance, sandblasting and waterjet machines) was used to create the art on each individual unit. The benches boast Zimbabwe Red banding on the front and sides, in addition to Mist granite paving banding, with Kobra and Crystal Black used for the infilled lettering. 

These benches are a key standout feature of the tribute walkway due to the personal and heartfelt messages that are etched on each of them, marking a significant moment in the club’s illustrious history. They also all feature the iconic red colour of Liverpool F.C, for an added touch of class. 

 The stones were available in 3 various sizes – small (200mm x 100mm), large (200mm x 200mm) and a premium stone which features the Liver bird also (400mm x 400mm). Following such large demand from Liverpool FC’s ever-passionate supporters, the plaques are currently sold out on the club’s website. With Liverpool taking home the Champions League trophy this season and the already evident quality and design of the granite dedications, we can only imagine even more fans want to etch their memories in Anfield, as the club continues to write its amazing history. 

Quality of materials and application of the personalisation, are two of the key components that go into making a venue personalisation project a success. Hardscape consistently delivers on both and with a robust and ethical sourcing network in place, I can be confident that the final product is going to meet both mine and my clients’ expectations.

Kevin O’Brien, Your Tribute owner