EO Day June 2023

Today Hardscape are celebrating the 11th annual Employee Ownership Association EO Day and our 1st year as an EO business and in order to mark these celebrations staff from our site locations at HQ and at IP Surfaces had ‘fun days’ to mark the occasion and to celebrate together to raise awareness of the benefits and impact of what employee ownership means to us all!

The benefits that employee ownership provides to the business and to employees is something we hope this year’s EO Day theme #TheEOeffect will raise awareness to a wider audience to shout about employee ownership and its impact to benefit the individual and to the businesses as a whole!

What is #TheEOeffect?

Employee-owned businesses are more productive, more resilient and are rooted in their local areas and communities, securing good jobs for the longer term in the regions. Employee ownership also promotes investing in the long term, as well as looking honestly at Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues and how best to tackle them.

Earlier this week the EO Team launched a special edition of the EOA Podcast all about #TheEOeffect to highlight this impact in the lead-up to the big day.

The episode features employee-owned businesses with ourselves and Aquascot, and EO Day sponsors Postlethwaite Solicitors Limited, as well as EOA partner and not-for-profit consultancy Centre for Thriving Places.

Click the link below and listen to our very own Founding Director Mathew Haslam’s chat on what EOT has meant for the Hardscape Group for these last 12 months!

Listen here 👇


Hardscape’s MD, Alex Warren also commented:

“Its been great to celebrate our first year as an employee owned organisation and see how our staff culture in the last 12 months continues to evolve into a more progressive working environment, where staff feel more engaged and connected to the business, with an added sense of responsibility which creates a genuine desire to improve what we do at all levels of the business. Capping this milestone with our own EO Olympics organised by our Employee Council was amazing, the highlight being a departmental tug of war competition…a head to head daily ritual at Hardscape and IP Surfaces for us to deliver what our customers want…optimum solutions for placemaking throughout the UK!”

Hardscape and IP Surfaces Fun Days!