With the first of our ‘Soul in the Stone’ blog series we look at the role of Glenn Bradley – Regional Manager Ireland & Group Ethical Trade Manager

Glenn Bradley manages the Hardscape Ireland business, providing a single point of contact to local authorities, landscape architects and building contractors to ensure that all hard landscape paving material selection and delivery to Ireland is hassle-free.

His obligations also combine the necessary compliance of Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act regarding ethical transparency in the Company’s global supply chain. As Ethical Trade trainer and Chair of the Irish Business & Human Rights Forum, Glenn also collaborates with others to pioneer the Base Code Principles of the Ethical Trading Initiative, of which Hardscape hold Achiever status, actively promoting, teaching and demonstrating ‘boots on the ground’ practical action plans within Hardscape’s supply chains.

Glenn is often involved in prolonged field trips to India, China and Europe to identify quarry sources and their available rock beds whilst completing due diligence through a thorough inspection of factory production processes.

Let’s follow him on a typical day in the office in Ireland:

0545: Glenn awakes and turns on the phone. E-mails are read and he endeavours to review and answer or action. This early morning diligence is essential because China and India are major sources for our stone supply, but they are +10 and +5 GMT. Thus, early morning work assures the business is communicating with them in the same working day which enables time efficiency and helps company ability. The work takes between 20 mins and an hour depending on what orders are on.

0800: Glenn arrives at the office having collected the local papers on the way. With a coffee in hand, he reviews the public tenders section, the business section and the tenders awarded section to determine if there are any opportunities for the company.

0830: Staff have arrived, and they go through their priority actions from the previous day, then the daily update on our local logistics (deliveries arrived at Port for handling and distribution), sales and any other matters arising. Glenn decides on a plan of action, providing directions and suggestions that assure our business function.

1000: Glenn checks all supply origin weather reports and all logistic trade routes on which we have cargo at sea to ensure no problems are arising that could hamper production or the delivery process. Where problems are indicated, he investigates further and plans corrective action to ensure delivery on time or if that is simply impossible, plans to notify the client(s) so their arrangements can be adjusted in a timely manner.

1130: Glenn checks on all other orders with manufacturing. This is an inter-personal call that cements relations with Hardscape’s trading partners in Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland and Spain so that they better understand our consistent needs and therefore he can inform Hardscape’s clients with news that product is being delivered on time to correct specification.

1330: Usually working a desk-lunch Glenn will action quotations or logistic requests, so they have an efficient and prompt turnaround of information to meet their work need requirements.

1530: He completes his architect and contractor ring around.

During this time, he can also learn about new projects architects may be planning to work on. This time is also utilised to visit nearby schemes that Hardscape is delivering materials to and to check site staff are comfortable with the product/packaging/delivery process.

1600: Glenn runs through with Lowell McCreadie all the projects and checks from their staff brief at 0830 what else requires attention noting the same for action on his priority list or providing direction/other action input.

1745: Glenn works on global sourcing tasks, company Ethical Trade programmes and engagements, company Business & Human Rights compliance and other associated matters of the Group regarding the Global supply chain. This work increases supply chain structures, and governance and optimises the process for our clients.

1800: Glenn looks to wrap up for the day and heads home!

Listen and learn:

Glenn recently participated in a ‘Good Business’ podcast for Queen’s Management School in Belfast along with Louise Nicholl from Marks and Spencer discussing Business Ethics, Human Rights, and Sustainability.

Look out soon for the next in the series of ‘Soul in the Stone’!