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Breccia Bianco

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This is ultra refined architectural paving with 100% pure aggregate, with no sand, to maximise colour fastness and non fading top layer. The cultured surface is composed of a 4 aggregate size mix which provides the surface impact. The cultured top layer is a real water washed surface thereby retaining the aggregate form and not crushing the surface and thereby provides a market unique stone realistic surface.

Place of manufacture: Tiel, The Netherlands

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We’re serious about zero carbon

The Kellen range has the most complete palette of sizes, colours, and finishes available to designers in the UK of an architectural aggregate faced concrete paving (when compared with other market offers). To be clear, it has 60 plan sizes; 4 thicknesses; 291 colours and 5 textures. It has a kg CO2 / m2 rating of 28 as standard (when the UK average is 30-34 based on an 80mm thick product).

That same range is also now available as CERO which brings with it a kg CO2 / m2 of 16. Now that is taking Carbon emissions seriously! This is achieved by not using cement in the base in its production.

We really have ambitions and are working on a zero-carbon aspiration so watch this space for more decarbonisation!

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