Hydro Lineo XL 50

Manufactured product

Hydro Lineo XL includes three different models of concrete pavers. These three models have a uniform nominal outer size. The width of the widened joint is the only variation per model. The three different models can therefore be used individually as well as being mutually exchangeable. Thanks to the increasing width of the widened joint, the street scene shows Hydro Lineo in a smooth transition from a closed to an open pavement, and back again. 

Hydro Lineo XL 50 allows for 41.13% growable surface and is typically used in conjunction with Hydro Lineo XL 0 and 25 to fit into a desired design. 

Available in all Standard concrete texture colours as below, as well as in the Saxum finish and colours. XL is also available in Ultimo colours.

Place of manufacture: Gent, Belgium

Growable surface: 41.13%

Traffic application: Limited heavy traffic

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  • Standard Geel

  • Standard Grijs

  • Standard Paars

  • Standard Rood

  • Standard Wit 051

  • Standard Zwart

  • Saxum Arduin

  • Saxum Basalt Zwart

  • Saxum Bologna

  • Saxum Bruin Multi

  • Saxum Bruin

  • Saxum Dark Bruin

  • Saxum Dark Grijs

  • Saxum Geel Oranje

  • Saxum Geel

  • Saxum Graniet Grijs

  • Saxum Grijs Multi

  • Saxum Groen

  • Saxum Ivoor

  • Saxum Kastanje

  • Saxum Kwartsiet Wit

  • Saxum Light Geel

  • Saxum Medium Grijs

  • Saxum Oranje

  • Saxum Paars

  • Saxum Porfier Rood

  • Saxum Robijn Rood

  • Saxum Rood Multi

  • Saxum Rood

  • Saxum Zalm Rood Bruin

  • Standard Blauw 051

  • Standard Dark Grijs


  • Paving

Available Finishes

  • Saxum
  • Standard