Highway Kerb | Flat | Drop Crossover | 300×120 | Middle

Specification Code: ATK-0792-HK-Inritverloopbanden-28-30X24-DCM-VB

Our highway kerbs are manufactured to meet the demands of roadway exposure, and in combination with our other ranges adapt to suit active travel infrastructure. Available in a variety of shapes and styles, in 3 standard concrete colours along with granite and surface aggregate options.


Shape Description: Crossover Kerb

Place of manufacture: The Netherlands

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Purpose: Keep Apart Function: Highway Kerb XL
Width: 300 End Style: VB
Depth: 120 Length: 1000
Slope Angle: 0
Slope Gradient: 0
  •   Silver Grey Granite

    Silver Grey Granite

  •   Buff Granite

    Buff Granite

  •   Mid Grey Granite

    Mid Grey Granite

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