Artscape 2Our commitment to on-going investment in the Artscape process is clearly evident with the installation of sophisticated material cutting equipment at our Midlands depot with a state-of-the-art five-axis fully automated Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine with in-built carving tool changer, sawing, blasting and laser etching capabilities. The versatility and effectiveness of the machine allows Hardscape to demonstrate the innovative use of high quality hard landscaping materials within design-led projects throughout the UK and Ireland in a variety of standard applications and bespoke solutions.

The process equips Hardscape to produce complex and large-scale orders in the shortest possible time frame. The manufacture operation is incredibly precise, as the technology allows for far greater restraint over the whole procedure with computer control for the specific positioning and velocity, precise measuring, cutting and manufacturing of the material to your exact design specifications.

The entire production process is dynamic and flexible allowing for a quick overview of the various options providing real-time decision-making regarding the final design solutions before production. Once the machine has been programmed it can be set to replicate perfectly each time for repeat productions and is very efficient and needs fewer breaks than even the most skilled stonemason therefore Hardscape can produce work quickly and competently. It is operated by our own highly trained skilled technicians and is carefully maintained and serviced to ensure each project is completed to the highest standards and backed by CE Safety Standard Certification.

For further technical information or to see the five-axis CNC machine in operation please contact Hardscape to arrange a visit and see some of the examples of work already produced. Look out for our revised Artscape brochure coming soon!