Stylish classic modular streetscape elements

Kellen Elementale is a complete product range of innovative concrete seating elements that can help to shape an outdoor space ingeniously and economically! Perfect for creating green zones on busy squares or around shopping centres, play areas and within school playgrounds. With the Kellen Elementale range, exclusively from Hardscape, every shape is possible including curved, straight and bespoke components.

Wooden top option

In addition to solid concrete versions, straight Elementale can also be ordered with a wooden top seating fixture to provide more comfortable seating. As standard, the backs, seats and arm support of the Seats range are supplied in untreated Guariuba (FSC) hardwood. Other wood types like Cumaru are available on request. The wooden slats are secured on a galvanised steel frame by means of anti-theft bolts. The entire frame can be removed for maintenance purposes.

Wooden parts can be treated with a transparent, water-based coating as standard. This emphasises the natural structure of the grain, giving a warmer tone.

Bamboo seating has also been added to the range and provides a dimensionally stable option which is less prone to twisting and distortion due to drying and weather conditions. Bamboo grows in 4 to 6 years versus 60 to 120 years for tropical hardwood. It absorbs almost 5 times as much CO2 and the physical properties of bamboo are at least as good as those of the very best hardwood.

The bamboo seats are made from pressed, heat-treated bamboo strips. A unique heat treatment process, called Thermo-Density®, provides Bamboo X-treme® the highest durability class possible within the appropriate EU norms*. The Thermo-Density® process modifies and removes sugar molecules which are naturally present in untreated bamboo. With this treatment bamboo is no longer a food source for fungi and micro-organisms. Furthermore, the process increases the density making the bamboo planks very hard.

You can view our Elementale products here.