Client: Leeds City Council
Architect: Landscape Architects: Planit-IE, Altrincham Architects: Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
Contractor: Wates Construction

The opening of Kirkstall Forge train station marked a significant milestone in the development of the area in Leeds which has been undergoing a significant transformation. 

Hardscape worked alongside landscape architects Planit-IE to create a contemporary paving scheme that would help put the new riverside development at Kirkstall and the new station on the map, to achieve its commercial and residential potential. Multiple paving materials were used in the scheme including the stunning Kellen Sferio Bianco Perla. 

The Brief

The aim was to revive the rich industrial history of the forge which had previously been the site of the British Leyland motor conglomerate. The scheme was also designed to open a linear section of land that was relatively unused into a more functional and diverse space. 

Hardscape was tasked with selecting and supplying a range of quality paving materials that would complement the beautiful riverside surroundings and the new train station. 

Materials used

The landscape architect was keen to introduce a bright but hardwearing surface finish. Hardscape supplied Kellen Sferio Bianco Perla – a multi-tonal pearl-like stone, to pave the expansive 1500m2 area, creating an attractive river walkway. 

Kellen was chosen due to its decorative nature and durability, with a finish that characterises natural stone. Kellen Sferio contains a delicate balance of complimenting colours made from a blend of fine grains of natural aggregates. The subtle range of whites, pinks and orange tones produced a warm and vibrant effect and the process of blasting the aggregate surface with stainless steel pellets created the stone’s appealing texture. The Corten Steel bollards and planters in burnt orange contrast beautifully with the Kellen Sferio and reflect the hybrid theme of a natural yet industrial space. 

Future proofing the paving, 200mm wide x 600mm long planks of Kellen were laid rigidly with mortar joints and bedding. The planks were laid up against Hardscape’s Kobra granite kerbs and several complex kerb accessories. 

Hardscape also supplied Neland clay to pave the train platforms at the station in a blend of pinks, purples and browns. 


The regeneration has resulted in an exciting new area with national and international connections right on its doorstep. Further plans have now been unveiled for the next phase of the regeneration scheme which will include houses, residential space and a new public square. 

This was a really exciting project to work on involving multiple materials and several logistical considerations. We needed to have a plethora of materials to ensure the colours that had been chosen were a perfect match. We are delighted to have been involved in the regeneration of what is set to be an exciting new transport and residential hub in the north.

Managing Director Mathew Haslam