Client: Argent
Architect: Alison Brooks Architects
Landscape Architect: Bradley-Hole Schoenaich Landscape / Townshend Landscape Architects / Applied Landscape Design (ALD)
Contractor: Maylim

Photography courtesy of: Mike Massaro (London) 

A pivotal landmark in the King’s Cross Central Masterplan


With the overall architecture designed by Alison Brooks Architects London, Cadence stands as a pivotal landmark in the King’s Cross Central Masterplan, renowned as one of Europe’s most ambitious urban renewal projects. Completing in early 2024 and situated strategically to frame Lewis Cubitt Park, this architectural marvel boasts a unique ‘courtyard tower’ design, celebrating the essence of threshold and reinforcing the neighbourhood’s identity. Comprising 100 dwellings and 50 affordable apartments, Cadence is hailed as one of King’s Cross’ most iconic structures, serving as a testament to innovative offsite manufacturing techniques.

With its six-sided perimeter block giving rise to towers of 12 and 16 stories, Cadence serves as a civic frame for adjacent public spaces. Its vibrant red brick and animated silhouette herald a new era for King’s Cross from the north, while its stepped design maximises corner units and access to nature through various roof terraces.

At the heart of Cadence’s architectural narrative lies its arched base and top, reminiscent of St Pancras Station’s iconic 19th-century arches. This reinterpretation, with contemporary Bezier curves, lends the building a dynamic presence, seamlessly integrating with its urban surroundings.

Choreographed Arches

The choreographed arrangement of arches throughout the structure creates a picturesque sequence, gradually revealing the building’s essence to observers.

Cadence’s construction showcases innovation through Designed for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) principles, utilising advanced prefabrication techniques. This approach not only reduces construction waste and carbon footprint but also enhances thermal and acoustic performance, ensuring sustainability and quality control. With efficient building services and access to King’s Cross’ low-carbon District Energy supply, Cadence is a model of environmental responsibility. Furthermore, its adaptable design, featuring high ceilings and generous public spaces, ensures flexibility for future uses.

Hardscape’s collaboration with the client team, especially Bradley-Hole Schoenaich Landscape Architects, in supplying European granite setts, steps, and tactiles, further enhances Cadence’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. BHSLA commented: “The process of selecting the granites and crafting a harmonious blend involved numerous experiments and Hardscape were exceptional with the help they provided to create a truly special paving mix.”

In essence, Cadence represents a harmonious blend of architectural innovation, sustainability, and adaptability. As a symbol of King’s Cross’ regeneration, it stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and collaboration in shaping vibrant urban spaces for generations to come.

This was a fantastic project to work on, from the specification design stage all the way to delivering the materials to site, it was a really enjoyable project to be involved with. It was great to collaborate with BHSLA choosing the materials. It’s not often you get to work on a project where the granite is laid permeably and also, there were 8 different tones of European granite used – an inspiring design by BHSLA and expertly installed by Maylim.

Hardscape’s Tom Haslam