Active Travel Kerbs : 2023 Updates

In late 2022 Hardscape introduced a range of Kerbs to the UK market unlike anything else available, with hundreds of shape, styles and material options.

As we’ve spoken to Architects and Planners across the country, we’ve learned more about to make these products work for you, and the terminology that makes them easier to understand.

With that in mind, in June 2023 we made a series of changes to how we list these products, as part of continuing steps to make our ATKs the clearest solution.

As many of you will already be using these products under our 2022 names & SKUs, here’s a quick guide of the changes and how best to navigate them.

If you have any difficulty locating an ATK product, please talk to your Sales Manager contact here at Hardscape, or email and we will assist you.

The Changes

We have merged Highway Kerb XL into the main Highway Kerb category.
“Bike to Road” & “Bike to Footway” categories have been merged into “Cycle Kerbs”.

The BK0000 numbers have been merged into our updated Specification Code, that begins ATK-0000. The 4 digit codes are the same, so you can easily move from the BK to ATK references.

You can still search for BK0000 in our SELECT area and our site will show you corresponding product under its new ATK coding.

Specification Codes
These new codes take this format: ATK-2600-D-Geleidebanden-5-20X20-ST-HD
This the most accurate way to specify your kerbs, but we appreciate they can be complex to remember, so you can simply ask us for ATK-2600, as the 4 digit numbers are unique.

Product Removals
Some products were considered to have insufficent ‘supporting’ products to be broadly applicable, or to duplicate the function of others, so were removed for simplicity.

If you have specified one of those products, they are still available, contact us with any queries.