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Escofet street furniture utilises design to transform cities and promote the use of public space, with ranges that address simple, practical needs, through to stunning pieces that move beyond function and into sculptural centrepieces.

Sit Air in its bench and cube formats, with and without a back, is based on the idea of soft-textured site furnishings with rounded lines and visually attractive, that naturally blends into any environment. The collection has three combinable elements. A rock-bench in two sizes to which a rock-back can be added. The polyethylene version is highlighted for its lightness and the possibility of incorporating a LED lighting kit into all three components.

It is a revamp by the author of the Sit backless bench that was originally made from concrete. Apart from its enormously attractive appearance which invites users to sit and rest, its most important feature is its ergonomic design that converts the elements into comfortable urban seats for public and private areas.

It is monomaterial and recyclable. The option in black color is 100% recycled, and consequently it is an environmentally sustainable product. The peculiarity of non-porous HDPE material means that its surface is easy to wash with pressurised water and a degreasing detergent that contains surfactants. It is disinfected with a hydro-alcoholic solution.

Made with rotomolded HDPE polyethylene, it’s available in a wide variety of colors. The back module is fixed to a plate that is previously attached to the base with two M12 x 260 mm screws. All three components have a threaded inspection chamber cover permitting access to the interior. Can be installed on the paving, and anchored, if required, using a hidden and removable system. Its rounded ends permit the installation of continuity modules, with no specific requirements in terms of precision.

Micro-textured HDPE Polyethylene.

Variant Specification
Sit Air : Cube Seat : 75

75 x 68 x 47 cm / 12 kg

Sit Air : Backless Bench : 240

240 x 68 x 47 cm / 50 kg

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Product Variations

  • Sit Air : Cube Seat : 75

    Sit Air : Cube Seat : 75

    75 x 68 x 47 cm / 12 kg

  • Sit Air : Backless Bench : 240

    Sit Air : Backless Bench : 240

    240 x 68 x 47 cm / 50 kg

Available Colours

  • HDPE RBN Blanco

  • HDPE RNG Negro

  • R HDPE Carta colores