Silent Way Stones

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Silent Way paving is a cost-efficient solution for reducing traffic noise and can be easily applied and adapted in built-up areas. 

Silent Way applies a sound-reducing coating of special cement-bound natural stone aggregate to a typical Kellen concrete block paver. Sound waves are absorbed and not propelled and further amplified, into the fine, slightly porous, surface texture to reduce road noise from the rolling contact of the vehicle tyre and road surface. 

Silent Way has a C road surface of -29dB at a speed of 31mph. The pavers come in a Silentio finish, available in 7 colours. 

Place of manufacture: Tiel The Netherlands

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  • Silentio Wit

  • Silentio Zwart

  • Silentio Bruin

  • Silentio Geel

  • Silentio Grijs

  • Silentio Paars

  • Silentio Rood

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  • Silentio