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Escofet street furniture utilises design to transform cities and promote the use of public space, with ranges that address simple, practical needs, through to stunning pieces that move beyond function and into sculptural centrepieces.

Backless benches and planters act as effective mobile barriers to delimit areas, or as safety elements against traffic, apart from their intrinsic functionality and aesthetic appearance. The anti-intrusion design of Move comprises a backless bench with a length of 250 cm and a planter of 200 cm, whose main feature is the central cavity above ground, which makes the element easy to move with a forklift truck.

Based on its etymology, Move was conceived as a primarily mobile collection, suitable for creating lasting and ephemeral boundaries in public areas. Due to their weight, they are self-stabilising and can only be moved with a forklift truck. The rounded and manifestly brutalist appearance is in keeping with the objective of ensuring public safety, which is a growing demand in cities. In agreement and fully compatible with this premise, Move is portrayed as having an appearance that blends in well with public areas and brings wellbeing to citizens, without being intrusive.

The collection makes it possible to combine areas with seats and planters with capacities of 300 litres, thus promoting the use of green elements and achieving an attractive, comfortable public area. Their geometry, weight and shock resistance convert both models into dissuasive elements, to reduce risk and minimise the impact of attacks by vehicles.

Made from acid-etched, water-repellent cast concrete in the Escofet standard chart colour. Optionally, also available in Eco-Grey® or Eco-Black® recycled concrete. Self-stabilising and made from a single block, it is installed by simply resting it on the ground.

Etched and waterproofed Concrete Eco-Grey® Out of mould Recycled Concrete.

Variant Specification
Move : Backless Bench : 250

250 x 50 x 45 cm / 1075 kg

Move : Planter : 300

200 x 60 x 63 cm / 875 kg / 300 kg

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Product Variations

  • Move : Backless Bench : 250

    Move : Backless Bench : 250

    250 x 50 x 45 cm / 1075 kg

  • Move : Planter : 300

    Move : Planter : 300

    200 x 60 x 63 cm / 875 kg / 300 kg

Available Colours

  • BG Beige

  • CA Etched Grey

  • BL M White

  • Red RAL 0 0

  • GR Grey

  • EGR Eco Grey