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Escofet street furniture utilises design to transform cities and promote the use of public space, with ranges that address simple, practical needs, through to stunning pieces that move beyond function and into sculptural centrepieces.

Extasi is an urban element made from concrete with a triangular shape and rounded edges. Despite being designed for installation outdoor, it projects the warmth of an indoor area.

This element belongs to the collection of “New backless benches for the Gran Vía in Barcelona” represented by Extasi, Puff, Boomerang, Cargol and Desert. Each of these elements has a singular geometry, and their shapes and dimensions evoke different situations.

Puff and Extasi evoke the privacy of the home, Boomerang reminds us of flying saucers, while Cargol reminds us of the animal world and Desert of mineral environments. Each of them stimulate the imagination and awaken the senses in their own way.

Non-reinforced moulded concrete with an acid-etched finish, in the Escofet standard chart colours. Both models are designed to rest on the paving, compacted sand or lawn.

Etched and waterproofed Concrete.

Variant Specification
Extasi : Backless Bench : 165

165 x 165 x 45 cm / 1420 kg

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Product Variations

  • Extasi : Backless Bench : 165

    Extasi : Backless Bench : 165

    165 x 165 x 45 cm / 1420 kg

Available Colours

  • BG Beige

  • BL White

  • CA Etched Grey CA

  • GR Grey

  • NG Black

  • RA Red