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Meet the team behind the work.

Our Vision - We help to build amazing spaces and places.

Our Values - Innovation, Knowledge, Quality, People and Communication.

Managing Director

Mathew Haslam

Operations Director

Alex Warren

Specifications Director

David Lowe

Sales Director

Anthony Collins

Group Financial Director

Chris Wood

Company Secretary

Julie Haslam

Senior Group Technical Manager & London Regional Sales Manager

Asil Besim

Senior Sales Manager

Ben Bevan

Yorkshire, North East, East Midlands & East Anglia Sales Manager

Mike Prince

Ireland Sales Manager

Lowell Mccreadie

Scotland Sales Manager

Wes Irving

South East Sales Manager

Murielle Jayer

London & South East Sales Manager


Specifications Sales Manager

Ross McMullen

Commercial Manager

Darren Roberts

Sustainability Manager

Nick Jones

Marketing Manager

David Butler

HR Manager

Natalie Harthern

Logistics Manager

Charlotte Aspden

General Manager

Vit Bohac

Production Manager

Pedro Leal

Design Manager

Tomas Atkinson

Yard Manager

Daniel Kevan

Senior Sales Co-ordinator

Kerry Gulley

Sales Co-ordinator

Heather Annis

Sales Co-ordinator

Rebecca Dunleavy

Sales Co-ordinator

Joe Horrocks

Sales Co-ordinator (Scotland)

Anne Corr

Supply Chain Planner

Christian Walton

Data Co-ordinator

Joshua Stevenson

Digital Media Marketing Co-ordinator

Seid Odobasic

Photography & Marketing Support

Alistair Taylor

Marketing Support Co-ordinator

Adam Haslam

Logistics Co-ordinator

Jasmina Smajic

Logistics Co-ordinator

Rebecca Mann

Logistics Co-ordinator

Amy Wilson

Logistics Co-ordinator (Ireland)

Paul Irvine


Dave Ellis

Production Co-ordinator

Luke Haslam

Design Co-ordinator

Nathan Jones

Creative Co-ordinator

Sam Fletcher

Warehouse Operative (Senior Stonemason)

Valerica Golache

Warehouse Operative (CNC Operator)

Alex Cottam

Warehouse Operative (Spray Painter)

Patrick Drummond

Warehouse Operative (Waterjet Operator & Stone Mason)

Adrian Wysocki

Warehouse Operative (Saw Operator & Stone Mason)

Paul Roznowski

Warehouse Operative (Sandblaster, Saw Operator & Stone Mason)

Karl Simcock