More than double for Dutch clay features:

From sustainability credentials and build quality to ease of use on-site, clay is equipped to meet every demand of modern construction.

Used for thousands of years in construction worldwide, it remains the most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solution for modern buildings and landscape structures and could be the perfect material for your next project – whether that is large public realm or your front drive.

Due to its natural properties, it is able to provide complete, long-term sustainability, not only offering increasingly sophisticated low-carbon product manufacture but giving a building life of up to 200 years with little or no maintenance, thus allowing project longevity. Clay is strong, durable and builds in sound and temperature-control benefits wherever it’s used – creating the ideal internal living environment.

Hardscape’s Neland Clay products offer a choice of exceptional, durable materials with unrivalled appeal that meet the most exacting aesthetics and demands of architects, landscape designers and engineers throughout the UK, offering a distinctly continental feel in larger areas of urban paving.

Typically laid on edge, fade-free and frost-resistant, Neland Clay paving delivers an unrivalled combination of lasting good looks and long-term performance in a number of pleasing  Sizes generally available in WF (200mmx48mmx85mm) and (200mmx65mmx85mm) formats.

Clay in action:

Neland Clay was the main product choice for the award-winning Nottingham Trent University.

The scheme won the RIBA East Midlands Award, and later received the RIBA National Award in 2016. Re-Form landscape architects from Leeds opted for a European look with Kellen as well as the striking Rosa Waterstruck clay pavers, which really makes the area stand out and eye catching.

Neland Clay was also selected for the BBC Village in Roath Lock, Cardiff. The centrepiece of the development is the 170,000 sq ft drama production studio complex for the BBC at Roath Lock. This was one of the largest investments in new drama facilities of its kind in Europe, bringing new jobs and opportunities for growing businesses across Cardiff and South Wales.

The stand-out material on the scheme is by far the Koln Red Multi clay pavers , which are also part of the Neland Clay range. Much like Nottingham Trent, the bright red colour of the clay is extremely distinctive yet impressive in its own right.

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