paver 1aHardscape’s Neland and Harland commercial landscaping range of clay paving offers beautiful pavers for projects of any size, style or complexity for public realm developments that include town centres, educational, industrial and retail sectors with the range providing equally a selection for the garden design and prestige homeowner markets.

paver 3Our Neland (Dutch) selection collection includes various colours, tones and textures enabling us to offer landscape architects and designers a wider choice and scope for their next landscape design whatever the style. Hardscape offer a wide choice of high quality and durable clay pavers. The range includes sanded, waterstruck and tumbled pavers. Discover the versatility of the Neland clay pavers range and be inspired for your next landscaping project!

paver 2Our Harland (UK) selection offers the traditional rectangular chamfered clay pavers and the beautifully aesthetic waterstruck slim paver both of which offer practical and versatile solutions to your landscape design. The traditional chamfered clay pavers are 200 x 100 x 62mm and are renowed for their durability and distinct colours, making them ideal for creating designs which harmonise or accentuate the landscape. The waterstruck slim pave is unique in the UK, with its thin 210 x 50 x 70mm shape and waterstruck texture giving them a unique aesthetic appeal which will enhance any scheme they are utilised on.

Some key facts about clay pavers:

      • Clay has a beautiful warm appearance, with a rich colour that isn’t affected by sunlight – unlike some other materials.
      • The lifespan of the material has incredible longevity (over 200 years!).
      • Although the UK has a rich resource of natural clay, it requires more skill to work with and so it isn’t something that every manufacturer can produce – a unique offering!
      • The surface of clay pavers offers a natural, highly abrasive texture that adds to the visual appeal as well as making it slip and skid resistant.
      • Clay pavers are a great low maintenance option and cost effective choice since damaged ones can simply be lifted and replaced.

paver 2aHardscape can also offer a full range of paving accessories to maximise the practical performance or aesthetic effect of landscaping projects. Each accessory is made to the same high standards as our core paving range, providing consistency, strength, durability and natural quality.