A sculptor inspired by one acclaimed Scottish artist and made by another has been unveiled at Monkland Canal in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire. The work by Andy Scott – who also made the M8 heavy horse – pays homage to the work of renowned comic book writer Mark Millar, who grew up in the town.

The six-metre high steel archphpKZxgK98331way shows a character called Captain Coatbridge and two female superheroes. It was commissioned as part of on-going efforts to regenerate the canal.

The archway is made up of thousands of pieces of shaped steel which have been welded together and shows superheroes holding up the sun, moon and stars.


The archway adds to new stone seats featuring comic book style expressions such as “Skud!” and “Skelp!” produced and supplied by Hardscape and landscaping work at Blair Bridge. The archway is part of a £175,000 gateway to the 200-year-old Monkland Canal, along with new landscaping and access improvements at Blair Bridge.