hemelThe heart of Hemel Hempstead’s shopping area has been transformed into a unique place offering something for everyone that is vibrant during the day, evening and night. The changes are expected to attract more visitors, business and investment and make it a place that people want to shop, work, live and enjoy.

The Marlowes Shopping Zone includes the Riverside and Marlowes Shopping Centres, the pedestrianised area and the ramped area near the bus stops. To make the most of the resources, the work is focusing on the pedestrianised area initially.

A new artscape Mist granite plinth, etched with white enamel paint, has already been installed, which will support the much-loved ‘Water Play’ sculpture. Symbolising the energy, co-operation and sporting spirit of youth in Dacorum, the statue has been restored to its former glory and will be reinstated as a centrepiece to the refurbished town centre.

The design on the plinth tells the story of Hemel Hempstead new town and features the original plan drawn by Geoffrey Jellicoe in 1947.

To help enhance the planned improvements for Marlowes Shopping Zone and Water Gardens a new Bus Interchange along Marlowes and Bridge Street is being constructed. The Bus Interchange will provide visitors with extra bus shelters, real time passenger information boards, new seating and a refurbished ramped area. This priority access for buses, supported by changes to Waterhouse Street, will make Hemel Hempstead a pleasant travel experience for new and regular visitors to the town.

Hardscape supplied Kellen Tagenta B/C/E paving and Mist granite Benches, Planters and Kerbs working with Landscape Architects Broadway Malyan of Manchester and Greenford Contractors Ltd.