iso-certHardscape has invested heavily in recent months installing an Integrated Management System to cover all of our businesses processes, in order to provide high customer service levels whilst considering the environment in everything that we do.

Our efforts have seen us achieve ISO 9001 and most recently 14001:2015 UKAS accreditation via externally audited independent inspections, which we are extremely proud of!

In order to achieve this, organisations have to demonstrate that they have systems in place to help minimise any negative effects to the environment, comply with any applicable legislation and regulations, and continually improve in everything that they do in relation to environmental matters.

iso-14001-hplThese improvements can be small such as encouraging employees to conserve energy by switching off lights and computers when not in use, to large improvements such as ensuring that we use the most carbon-friendly forms of transport such as sea freight compared to air freight when bringing material from overseas, or aiming to source materials as close to a project as possible.

As part of this process we have also updated all our policy documents including the Environmental Policy which is available to view on the Hardscape website and details in full our environmental commitments.

Should you require any further information – please do not hesitate to contact Hardscape’s General Manager, Natalie Harthern, for further information on: 01204 565 500.