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A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. One doesn’t normally set out to be a leader, but leaders become just that by the equality of their demonstrable actions and the integrity of their intent.

Hardscape are pleased to announce that they have progressed to the rank of Leader level within the membership base of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).

Hardscape’s ethical trade journey began in 2006 when Glenn Bradley, Hardscape’s Head of Global Supply, commenced on a path of capacity building within its value chain to move beyond paper CSR and place stated principles into evidential action. In 2010 Hardscape adopted the ETI Base Code, which is an internationally recognised code of labour practice, as the foundation stone to its core business practice to trade globally and domestically. Year on year Hardscape have used the ETI Base Code and the ETI’s supply chain programme work to improve workers’ lives and their working environment conditions throughout all tiers of Hardscape’s supply chain. Hardscape also commenced collaborative work with the Dalit Solidarity Network (DSN UK) and Anti-Slavery International in particular. From quarry extraction and man-made product manufacturing to project site delivery, ethical transparency and diligence prevails to assure Hardscape’s Commodities arrive to clients ethically sound.

Furthermore, since 2012 Hardscape have adopted the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights using their work with ETI as the driving vehicle to address negative impacts on people within their own operations and value chain. When the UK Government developed it’s National Action Plan for Human Rights in 2013 (the Irish Government followed in 2017), Hardscape were amongst the foremost Companies who could demonstrate ethical transparency and this was recognised (in part) when the Modern Slavery Act 2015 became legislative law and Hardscape were amongst the first UK Companies to produce a Modern Slavery Act Policy and Statement that was accepted by the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre who operate the Modern Slavery Registrar on behalf of the UK Government.

Today, Glenn is a former Human Rights Commissioner and Chair of the Northern Ireland Business and Human Rights Forum where he regularly inputs invaluable constructive and positive good practice advice and models to various departments within Westminster, Irish and Scots Governments as the NAPs advance. Hardscape continue to collaborate with Anti-Slavery International and are presently the only hard landscape company on their Charter. Hardscape’s action-plan is on-going with DSN UK and of course, ETI process is embedded throughout their supply chain.

Hardscape (nor indeed their clients) can’t, however, become complacent in the field of Business and Human Rights. Daily there are unscrupulous suppliers within the hard landscape industry finding ever increasing ways to deliver commodities ‘cheap’ and that low cost is usually delivered via practices that abuse human rights at some point within those supply chains.

Hardscape will continue to be honest in practicing integrity throughout all tiers of its value chain using UK/Irish Government or UN recognised processes to perform their due diligence and guarantee that their commodities are produced in an accountable manner that does not violate the human rights of any worker. Hardscape will continue to inspire others remaining creative and innovative, empowering their supply chain workforce, so each work in conditions of freedom, equally and equitably.

Hardscape will continue to lead and require client support more than ever to demand ethical due diligence caveats for the materials they both specify and ultimately find their way to finished projects.

This letter serves to confirm that Hardscape has been a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) since September 2010.

ETI is an alliance of companies, trade unions and NGO’s that promotes respect for workers’ rights around the globe. ETI member companies adopt the ETI Base Code, which is an internationally recognised code of labour practice. We require our member companies to: demonstrate a clear commitment to ethical trade; integrate ethical trade into their core business practices; drive year-on year improvements to working conditions and report openly and accurately about their activities and achievements.

Hardscape is currently ranked at Leader level within our membership base. This score is based on their last report, which was submitted to ETI in July 2019. Hardscape is also an active participant in our supply chain programme work.

Kate Lewis
Head of Membership Services
Ethical Trading Initiative