hardscape3Located at a prominent gateway on the edge of an urban block, the new station creates a significant landmark and the building’s sculptural roof guides visitors into the heart of the city. The character of the canopy alters depending upon your approach. South facing you are guided by a shimmering, contemporary shield – a confident statement on the city’s edge.

North facing, towards the rooftops of Victorian Hanley, a timber soffit provides a welcoming and warm environment for waiting passengers The edge rises and falls to create a wave-like form that identifies entrances and passenger facilities, and curves down and around to shelter waiting passengers from the prevailing wind. It extends significantly beyond the edge of the station to engage with the public plaza, knitting the concourse into the urban landscape. The Station is a key component of the regeneration plans to transform the city centre into a retail and leisure destination and to create a thriving, distinctive, diverse and competitive City Centre. It embraces the highest design quality and sustainability standards and serves the needs and aspirations of all its user groups.