The £4-million project to renovate Princes Avenue was about more than cycle lanes, and a journey along the boulevard now tells a story of L8’s remarkable history.

Client: Liverpool City Council/AMEY

Contractor: NMCN

Landscape Architect: BCA Landscape, Liverpool

In recent months, the historic boulevard at Princes Avenue in Toxteth has undergone a dramatic transformation. The project, part of a £4m redevelopment scheme which includes the creation of a cycle lane through the centre of the Toxteth boulevard, falls along a main route from the city into South Liverpool. Princes Boulevard, however, is much more than a through route – It is a jewel in the crown of Liverpool 8 and a road steeped in the history of both Toxteth and the city as a whole.

As part of the redevelopment, L8’s remarkable heritage is being recognised in a series of installations along the boulevard, creating a unique journey through the area’s history.

The new look boulevard includes public art and installations designed through community consultation and referencing key aspects of L8’s rich heritage from the many clubs which used to be in the area to its myriad religious buildings, and the legacy of Liverpool’s role as a major port city.

At the start of the boulevard is an empty plinth, which once held a statue of William Huskisson. It was removed in the 1980s by activists in L8 due to Huskisson’s links to the slave trade. In front of the empty plinth there is now a plaque explaining the city’s role in the slave trade, Huskisson’s support of slavery and why the statue was removed. Also, at the start of the boulevard, is an art installation on the floor in front of a tree representing the South African tree of life. Further up the boulevard quotes from Nelson Mandela are laid into the paving.

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