The Greenline series is a new range of slim concrete elements which can serve as a planter unit, park or seating units. By virtue of the slender shape, comforting appearance and generous variety of shapes, Greenline has a broad scope of applications, as well as being multifunctional.

The slim concrete elements can be installed in an inward or outward oblique orientation and are available in two heights above ground level: 30 and 45cm. In addition, seating kerbs are available with seats in either laminated bamboo or FSC® hardwood. The concrete units can be connected to form green strips or green islands, providing seating facilities for the layout of quays, school playgrounds and city parks; their dimensions and detailing are mutually aligned. Thanks to their 15cm width and austere yet sophisticated design, the straight lines of planter kerbs are accentuated and tightly framed. If, on the other hand, you would prefer to add fluid lines and dynamics to your design, you will be glad to hear that curved units are available in a variety of radii.

A wide range of applications

Allow yourself to be inspired. Any combination of kerbing and seating elements is available to you. Experiment with low and high elements to achieve variation; height differences between planter kerbs will provide more varied scenery for passers-by. The elements come in a standard length of 2m and a width of 15cm. Their profile is slender and light, with a concrete base for a firm foundation.

Making the public space greener

In the context of adapting to climate change, we naturally want to make the public space greener. Green zones help with cooling and can also serve as a water buffer to collect rainwater or combat desiccation. The Greenline range is suitable for surrounding green zones and planter kerbs in urban areas and will protect them from intensive city traffic. Affluent connection with ground level The Greenline has a visible footing to achieve a transition from the vertical plane to the horizontal surface at ground level. This footing also makes it possible to connect the paving tightly to the elements, and because the footing has a slight gradient it will not collect water.

Slender and solid

The elements comply with general requirements in terms of resistance against vandalism and frost and minimising maintenance, as well as increasing the visibility of pollution and vandalism.


Bamboo grows to maturity in 4 to 6 years, as opposed to hardwood, which needs 60 to 120 years to mature. It absorbs nearly 5 times as much CO2 and its physical properties are at least as good as those of the very best hardwood. The major properties of laminated bamboo are:

■ Durability class 1

■ Impervious to wood rot (10 years warranty)

■ Hardness: 4.0 kg/mm²

■ Density 700 kg/m³

Laminated bamboo is composed of bamboo strips. These long, rectangular strips are glued together, either vertically or flat, to form a plank or beam. If required, laminated bamboo can also be supplied under the FSC® hallmark.

Maintenance of laminated bamboo

Just like wood, bamboo will become grey naturally. To maintain the attractive warm colour and appearance of bamboo, we recommend that it be oiled at least once a year – particularly the horizontal areas. This will slow down the natural process of wear, and deposits of contaminants and algae on the surface are also likely to accumulate more slowly.

FSC®-certified hardwood

Hardscape has made the deliberate choice to use only 100% FSC® wood in combination with its concrete street furniture. Our production location is FSC®-certified to this effect.

You can view our Greenline products here.