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Hardscape have teamed up with Italian company euroform w to supply aesthetically attractive, distinctive, innovative and sustainable street furniture solutions. Each item is characterised with an eye for detail combining excellent stability, detailed craftsmanship and the respect for the existing environment adapting perfectly to the requirements of a typical urban scheme.

As sole UK distributors of euroform w products, Hardscape can help devise a solution from a range of stylish wooden and metal urban furniture and accessory products ensuring that the chosen items compliment the varying requirements of outdoor culture and lifestyle.

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Impressive guarantees

A good product must guarantee good quality. As a result of its experience gathered over decades, and due to the continuous improvement of production processes and treatment techniques, euroform w can offer the following guarantees on its branded products:


  • for hardwoods such as iroko or similar: 15 years against rotting without any maintenance
  • for hardwoods such as ash or similar: 8 years against rotting with appropriate care


  • for hot-dip galvanised items: 10-year anti-rust guarantee
  • for powder coated items: 6-year anti-flake guarantee

Ø thickness of powder coating 80 microns. 500 hr salt spray test in accordance with DIN 50021-SS or ISO 9227. UV stability of the powder as detailed in the Qualicoat guarantee table.

The afore mentioned guarantees are conditional upon professional and correct assembly and/or use. Certified quality euroform w offers guaranteed organisation quality thanks to its quality systems: Quality management system in accordance with ISO-9001 since 1997; Environment management system in accordance with ISO-14001 since 2003; Occupational health and safety Management with ISO45001 since 2012; Neutralisation of CO2 emissions since 2007; FSC® 100% hardwood since 2006

FSC® 100% Certified Hardwood
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an international non-governmental, non-profit organisation. It was founded in 1993 to promote responsible management of forests and plantations worldwide. “Responsible management” means protecting the natural environment, providing real advantages for populations, local communities, and workers and ensuring efficiency in economic terms.

View all our Euroform range and product information here.

Climate neutrality: a goal that has been reached

Since 2007, euroform w has started up with the “Tropical Mix Reforestation” in Panama. Until 2020 a reforestation of 34 hectares of unfarmed land for a total of about 36.891 mixed native tree species according to the standard has been achieved. This project in Central America not only binds the direct and indirect CO2 emissions by eurofom w, but also creates local job opportunities and increases biodiversity.