Our product focus for March is centred around the launch of our new Prima Porphyry brochure which is available now as a digital pdf and will be in printed format soon.

We’ve taken an in-depth look at the regions from which we get our Prima Porphyry and the processes involved to bring this beautiful natural stone to the UK and Ireland.

What is Prima Porphyry?

“Sourced in the Albiano and Lavis regions of Trento, Hardscape’s Prima Porphyry is quite unlike other quarried porphyry from Northern Italy. The extraction process we employ highlights the geological formation of the material and its unique thickness ensures a high transverse strength. This resistance to breaking loads makes Prima Porphyry an ideal paving solution for heavy traffic settings. The material can also withstand prolonged weathering. In fact, the ability to maintain its aesthetic attributes, even after millions of years of exposure, is a typical characteristic of the stone.”

“Prima Porphyry from Trento is unique in its colour intensity. Formed close to the earth’s surface, over millions of years, the oxidation of its ferrous minerals creates a complex colour palette.

Hardscape provides two mixes, violet and grey, in original and ever-changing patterns. The colour tones vary for both mixes and we assist our clients in identifying their preferences during the selection process.”

For more than 20 years Hardscape, together with certified northern Italian quarries, have been developing the production quality of Prima Porphyry through stringent selection processes including independent industry recognised monitoring resulting in an assured supply of the material to schemes throughout the UK.