6m Radius External 120×200, Bike to Footway Sloped

NBS Reference: Rijwielpad 3/12_20-6RE-HD-SL

These allow for a crossover between pedestrians and cyclists and appear flat when laid or with a sloped angle which have been developed from university research in Holland. The unique angle and dimensions allow for an optimum design aesthetic and selection of 3 standard concrete colours, a variety of exposed aggregate finishes and colours, together with granite options and supporting accessory specials.


Shape Description: Radius External

Place of manufacture: The Netherlands

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Purpose: SeparateFunction: Bike to Footway
Width: 120End Style: HD
Depth: 200 Length: 785
Slope Angle: 18 Radius: 6.00
Slope Gradient: 1:3.1
Radius (m)Length (mm)No per 360°
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  • Lavaro Wit 701

  • Lavaro Wit Zwart 705

  • Zwart Glisando 160

  • Zwart Groen 130

  • Zwart 100

  • Grijs Bont 070

  • Grijs Zwart 032

  • Grijs 012

  • Grijs Zwart 030

  • Bruin 300

  • Rood Zwart 250

  • Silver Grey Granite

  • Buff Granite

  • Mid Grey Granite

  • Black

  • Dark Grey

  • Light Grey

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