135deg External Return 200×200, Bike to Road Sloped

NBS Reference: Geleideband Hoekstukken 5/20_20-135ER-HD-SL

These can be used in the same application and environment as Bike to Footway but are uniquely larger in size which can allow for vehicle crossover also. The unique choice of dimensions allows for an optimum design aesthetic and selection of 3 standard concrete colours, a variety of exposed aggregate finishes and colours, together with granite options and supporting accessory specials.


Shape Description: External Return

Place of manufacture: The Netherlands

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Purpose: SeparateFunction: Bike to Road
Width: 200End Style: HD
Depth: 200 Length: 400
Slope Angle: 18
Slope Gradient: 1:3.1
  • Silver Grey Granite

  • Buff Granite

  • Mid Grey Granite

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