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Escofet street furniture utilises design to transform cities and promote the use of public space, with ranges that address simple, practical needs, through to stunning pieces that move beyond function and into sculptural centrepieces.

With the austere sensuality that characterises the design of the authors, the Bruno bench resolves one of the main challenges of outdoor benches, that of striking a balance between resistance to atmospheric conditions and comfort for users. Solid and resistant, but with stylised lines and a lightweight appearance, Bruno transfers the experience of domestic comfort to urban space and gardens.

The curved sides bring rigidity and the inclination of the seat plane and rear opening allow for the drainage of rainwater. The height and inclination of the seat, the angle of the back and the curve of the armrest provide support to the lumbar region in a natural resting position.

The lightweight nature of the UHPC-Slimconcrete products makes them easy to transport and reduces energy consumption in their fabrication. Their 100% recyclable material composition optimises their life cycle. The extremely low water absorption properties of this material improve its behaviour in the face of fragmentation due to freeze cycles in places with harsh climates.

A single piece of UHPC-Slimconcrete that permits the design of durable, lightweight elements with a minimum structural cross-section, due to its high resistance to compression, bending, impact and wear. It is easy to lift and handle with slings and is anchored to the paving with four threaded bolts.

Etched and waterproofed UHPC Concrete.

Variant Specification
Bruno : Bench : 180

180 x 65 x 46 (78) cm / 260 kg

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Product Variations

  • Bruno : Bench : 180

    Bruno : Bench : 180

    180 x 65 x 46 (78) cm / 260 kg

Available Colours

  • BG Beige

  • BL White

  • GR Grey

  • NG Black