How Hardscape is dealing with the Coronavirus

Updated: 12/05/20

The Covid-19 situation continues to change rapidly, so this update serves to advise our customers and supply chain partners on the latest news re our service provision.

Our production and logistics facility at Logistics North is operational, following a short period of temporary closure whilst we implemented social distancing measures. Our office based staff and functions are all operating remotely from home working locations. We continue to work with our supply chain to understand the operational status of each of them and will continue to advise on this with regards to specific regions below.

We understand that many of our customers and clients have been identified as Critical Service Providers, and as supply chain partners, Hardscape are here to support the activities of these, and provide any additional help we can.

As such in terms of our service provision, subject to the exceptions noted below, we are able to continue to provide our services with minimal disruption.

Most of our global supply chain partners have at some stage faced state imposed restrictions, due to measures to combat the virus. Where these restrictions have affected specific projects, one of our team will have contacted you to advise on any potential impact. The following represents the current operational status of specific regions:

China – most Chinese factories are operating as normal with only minor disruption still affecting some factories.

India – Northern production locations are operational, but Southern production sources still remain on lockdown until w/c 18th May.

Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany – after suffering periods of lockdown in each respective country, most central European locations are back operational with only minor disruption continuing.

Ireland – most production sources are back operational or plan to be by w/c 18th May.

Scotland – local restrictions still require some factories to remain closed until early June.

England, Wales, NI – most production sources are back operational or plan to be by w/c 18th May.

We are of course trying to do everything we can to avoid disruption to the projects we are involved in, but the health and safety of everyone we work with has to come first. Should you have any specific queries on this subject, please do not hesitate to contact your service contact within Hardscape or myself.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Warren

Operations Director

T: 01204 565 500


For information on COVID-19 and how it affects the landscape sector generally, please visit the Landscape Institute’s page here.